Fic: Five People Who Met Michael Tritter (And Three Who Didn't)

Dunno how many people still read this comm, but I figured I would just leave this here :D

Title: Five People Who Met Michael Tritter (And Three Who Didn't)
(set of 8 drabbles)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Gen, pretty much... alludes to Tritter/OFC and House/Cameron
Description: One of those Five Things... about Tritter. That's it, basically. Spoilers up through Season 5. Character death.
Author's Note: Enjoy!

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Alright, I realize that some unspecified amount of time ago there was a House M.D. kink meme. But, I was not there for it and - unless I am simply a fool with poor google-fu - it is not running anymore. So, inspired by the awesomeness that is sherlockkink I think there should be another.

Amirite, ladies? Amirite?

Playing is easy: 1) Think of a prompt. Post it in the meme comment thread. 2) Wait for someone to write you a fic. While you're waiting you can write someone else a fic using the prompts listed. 3) JOY! Read your fic! 4) Rinse and repeat.

We've already started. Join in the fun. Find the meme here: housekink

X-posted: Everywhere. Please, please, please feel free to pimp post this wherever you feel it is appropriate. The more people who are watching the meme the more fun it is.


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So...I've been sucked into the House fandom recently and have become increasingly intrigued by the House/Tritter interaction in season 3...I've been browsing this comm, but figured it might be quicker (and definitely easier) to just ask if there are any fics like the one I'm looking for...

Namely: After House is put on his "reasonable pills at reasonable times" regime (or basically any time after his stash is seized) Tritter becomes ill with something painful (doesn't matter what, though I think it would be both cliche and still completely awesome if it were an infarction like House had) and House tries to teach him a lesson...basically an "I told you so/see what I mean?" kind of thing...

So yeah...anyway, thanks in advance!

New House MD fiction community: ppth_support

Announcing a new fiction community for House MD:


The Unusual Suspects is a community devoted to fics and artwork featuring characters other than House, Wilson, Cameron, Cuddy, Foreman, Chase, or Stacy. (These people may all appear in the fiction as long as at least one Unusual Suspect has an equally prominent role.)

We are interested in stories about patients, clinic patients, family, friends and significant others of patients, family, friends and significant others of lead characters.

Much as we love House and Wilson this would not be the place for another H/W story with a brief mention of a Wilson wife. However a full-blown story of a Wilson courtship would be perfect.(Or a House affair with a Wilson Wife, or a Wilson Wife having an affair with Marco the Pharmacist.)

Please note, I’m also cross-posting this to House-Tritter. New Tritter-fic would be fantastic, especially stories about his back-ground and what happened to him AFTER Words & Deeds. Or maybe some interaction with another Unusual Suspect. Tritter/Annica anybody?

Examples of people who we feel deserve their own fics: Maddie (Dwarf!Mom), The Arniello Brothers, Clancy (the kid who saw UFO's) Marco the pharmacist, Nurse Brenda, Foreman's parent's, House's funny uncle, and of course, the weird night Janitor who wears his pants backwards.

In other words ANYONE who has appeared or been mentioned on the show is a likely candidate.

In deference to our UK Houseketeers, the moderators would currently like to restrict the eligible characters to the first three seasons of House MD.

Het/Slash and Genfic are all welcome. Artwork and icons would be greatly appreciated.

The community will officially open on Friday, February 1st with a post listing all the eligible characters from the Pilot. I will do a post for each episode until we have an archive with all the possible characters.

Click Here and join the community.

Individuals, please feel free to go forth and pimp!

Mods, thanks for your permission to post here. (And if I somehow didn't get it, please forgive me and delete if necessary.)
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Fic: Persecution

Meh. Nobody posts here anymore.
So, guys, who's up for a really long, angsty WIP in which Tritter is a psychotic, crazed villain and there's a whole load of H/W angst?
Silence: *is heard*
Ah well. Have the link anyway.

Title: Persecution
Word Count: 10,000+, and that's just so far.
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: House/Wilson, Tritter, and a side order of Cameron and Cuddy. Chase and Foreman have cameo roles.
Spoilers: Up to 3.11 - Words and Deeds, after which canon is hurried swiftly on its way.
Summary: What if Tritter couldn't just let things be? What could have happened after House left rehab, apparantly unchanged. AU after Words and Deeds, WIP.
Disclaimer: Come on, guys. I'm too poor to own anything. But thank you, Fox and David Shore, for letting me play with your toys.
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Smarter than I, Cleverer than You (Part 6 [Epilouge])

Title: Smarter than I, Cleverer than You (Part 6 [Epilouge])
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Wilson/House, Tritter/House implied
Rating: PG this chapter, NC-17 Overall.
Word Count: 558
Summary: House is smart, but Tritter is clever.
Warning/Spoilers: Implied non-con, if you really, really squint. Also, set post- Que Será Será and contains general spoilers for seasons 1, 2, and 3.
Disclaimer: No money here, no ownage here. :(
Author's Note: I don't have a beta reader, so stick with me.

(Hell, even Von Liberman had caught the Wrath of House.)

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Sorry this took me so long, everyone, and I'm sorry it's so short.